Pre-Prep Department (age 5 -7)

Teaching and Learning (Years 1 - 3)

The Pre-Prep curriculum is generally organised and delivered by the Class Teacher with the exception of Music, French, Art and PE where specialist teachers present the learning programme.

We believe in a varied approach, striking a balance between whole class teaching, group and individual work. The girls in Pre-Prep enjoy a wide range of learning experiences; developing in confidence and independence.

Teaching is supported by valuable Teaching Assistants. Learning is supported by the use of wide range of ICT resources and suitable computer programmes. Year 2 enjoy using and learning with classroom netbooks.

End of Year Evaluations

Pupils sit NFER Evaluations in English and Maths during May, results are fed-back to parents in the summer term reports.


Speaking and Listening skills are encouraged and developed in class discussions, assemblies and performances. Children are introduced to reading through the Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) scheme, complemented by a variety of other texts. Children and parents are encouraged to share this reading experience and a daily record is kept in the child's 'Reading Log'. A structured approach to the teaching of phonics and grammar is developed using the Jolly Grammar materials which reinforce and extend the Jolly Phonics programme introduced in Early Years. The children enjoy developing their writing in a range of genres and are encouraged and supported to develop an attractive cursive script.


Numeracy is supported through various methods including the National primary Numeracy Strategy. The children enjoy working on the Interactive Whiteboard, using practical apparatus, developing mental and written strategies and a wider range of mathematical vocabulary.

Emphasis is laid on the acquisition and confident use of basic skills in number, shape and measure.


Scientific curiosity is encouraged by practical investigation of the children's environment, working on six different topics during the year. Pupils are able to make full use of:

  • the fully equipped Science Laboratory
  • the School Pond
  • the Woodland Walk
  • The Wildlife Area

The children also enjoy the extension activities Science Week provides and focussed educational visits to support individual topics.

Religious Education

In Pre-Prep the children continue to follow the "Here I am" Scheme. As a Catholic School we have close links with The Sacred Heart Parish in Wimbledon. Whole school, Year group and Class Masses form a regular part of our worship. Weekly assemblies, both whole school and Year group, usually presented by the children further enhance our understanding of Jesus and his message.

Physical Education

Please visit our Sport webpage for full details of the school's Physical Education curriculum.


We aim to lay the foundation for the musical education of every child through an all round approach including music making, listening, singing, playing and composing. Pupils are taught to play the recorder in Year 2, and Specialist Suzuki Cello is available from Reception Class. The opportunity to learn an instrument with individual music tuition commences as soon as a child shows keenness and can physically handle an instrument of choice.


A new topic based curriculum is being developed to incorporate the teaching of History, Geography and some Design Technology projects. The children learn about three different topics each year which are planned to show progression in skills and attainment.


The teaching of French in the school is carried out by a specialist teacher through the use of songs, rhymes, games, stories and role play. The aim is to introduce pupils to another language in a way that is enjoyable and fun. Our aim is to encourage an interest in and understanding of foreign cultures and traditions.


History and Geography

Pupils learn about people's lives and lifestyles. They find out about significant men, women, children and events from the past and the present from both Britain and the wider world. They listen and respond to stories and use a range of artefacts and varied sources of information to help them ask and answer questions.

Pupils investigate their local area and a contrasting area in the United Kingdom or abroad, finding out about the environment in both areas and the people who live there. They carry out geographical enquiry inside and outside the classroom.

Educational visits are carefully researched and planned to support individual topics.

Art and Design

Pupils develop their creativity and imagination by exploring colour, shape and space and pattern, and learning about the role of art, craft and design in their environment. A well resourced art room and specialist teaching enhances the subject in the curriculum.

P.S.H.E. (Personal, Social, Health Education) and SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning)

We aim to give pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy and independent lives.

Pupils are encouraged to take part in a range of activities across and beyond the curriculum. They are given opportunities to contribute to the life of the school and to reflect on their own thoughts, feelings and experiences to understand their personal and social development. They will address many of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing up.

Individual Pupil Needs

The school employs a teacher who works to support any child who experiences difficulties with learning. The specialist teacher plans with the class teacher how best to support and differentiate for these pupils whilst ensuring access for them to the main curriculum.

Please read our Special Needs Policy for further information.