Parental Contact

In order to enable us to keep in contact with parents quickly, and in an appropriate manner, please ensure that your Emergency Contact Form is kept up to date. Should you move home, change a mobile phone number or e-mail address please complete a new form and send it into the school office. This allows us to contact parents in case of emergency or for a more routine matter.


Our school website can be used to find a whole range of information about what is going on in school. Anything from term dates to our termly calendar can be viewed on line. The News Gallery webpage is updated regularly and gives everyone the latest news on what is happening at the Ursuline Preparatory School. School policies are also posted on our website e.g. Safeguarding Policy.

An online form may be used to report a pupil's absence due to sickness. For changes in the collection of your child from school, our Child Collection Notification form can be downloaded from our Parent Forms webpage - simply complete it and attach it to your child's Home-School Book (Early Years & Pre-Prep) or Homework Diary (Prep Department).

Please visit our website regularly and make yourself familiar with these methods of communication.


Our weekly school newsletter, the "Gazette" is published every Friday and a copy is distributed to families via email and posted on the website. If you would like a paper copy please contact the School Office.

Home-School Book

Should you want to let your child’s teacher know of something major or minor, i.e. a dental appointment etc, then a note can be made in the Home-School Book. Your teacher will sign it off to acknowledge receipt. You may also receive notes back from the teacher via this method, and therefore the Home-School Book should be checked daily.

Homework Diary

The Homework diary is used by pupils in Year 3 to Year 6 and may be used as a method of communication between home and the class teacher. This should be checked daily and signed off on a weekly basis.

Clarion Call

Clarion Call is a non-reply text messaging system used by the school to give parents reminders and inform them of short notice changes to scheduled events e.g. delayed return from a sporting event. Reminders will also be posted on our Parent Updates webpage.

Emails from School

Parents will receive regular emails from school. These may have important attachments regarding visits, events, homework and other future planning. You can reply to these emails directly to the School Office.

Letters emailed from school will also be posted on our Parent Letters webpage.

Please ensure that the School Office have your most current email address(es).

Parents' Evenings & Pupil Progress Reports

Please visit the Pupil Reports webpage for the variety of ways parents are kept informed of their child's progress, including Parents' Evenings.

Curriculum Evening

A Curriculum & Information Evening is held early in the Michaelmas Term.


The Headmaster is available to meet parents from 7.30am through to 6.00pm. If you would like to make an appointment to see the Headmaster, please contact the Headmaster's Office in order to put an appointment in the diary.

Contact with Specialist Teaching Staff, SENDCo or Business Manager can be done via the School Office. If you would like to secure an appointment with any of these members of staff, the School Office will liaise on your behalf.

It is usually possible for parent to "have a quick word" with their child's form teacher at the end of the school day. During the school day an email may be sent and staff members will do their best to respond to parents promptly.

Parents are welcome to make an appointment before or after school, if you feel you have a matter to discuss. Such appointments can be facilitated via the School Office. Parents may also wish to meet with experienced Heads of Departments (after meeting class teachers) for further advice.