Music Tuition

In addition to class Music lessons, girls from Year 1 are able to start learning a musical instrument during the school day if they so wish. The current choice of musical instrument tuition is Flute, Clarinet, Guitar, Violin, Piano, Trumpet and Cello.

Music Tuition Fees

Music tutors’ fees are payable termly. The music tutor will invoice parents directly at the start of the term and fees are payable within two weeks, directly to them. If fees are not received by half term, music tuition will be suspended and the full term’s fees will still be payable. Music tutors are required to notify parents of any variation in fees at the commencement of the term before the change takes effect.

The current termly tuition fees may be obtained from the Head of Music.

Term Length

Girls may start learning at any time during the school year, at the beginning of a new term. Instrument tuition will normally consist of ten half-hour lessons per term. Due to the brevity of some terms, the number of lessons may be adjusted to ensure 30 lessons in an academic year.

Music Tuition Application Form

Click here to download the Music Tuition Application Form (including terms and conditions).
Completed forms should be returned to the School Office, for the attention of the Head of Music.

Termination of Lessons

Lessons may only be terminated at the end of term and notice of withdrawal must be given in writing direct to the tutor on or before the first day of the previous half term, otherwise tuition fees for the following half term will be charged or if already paid, will not be refunded (i.e. a full half term's notice must be given.)