Our History

The Beginning

The Ursuline Sisters of the Roman Union came to Wimbledon in 1892 and opened a very small private school in Worple Road. Children of all ages were admitted and the demand for places was so great that three years later the community moved to a bigger property in The Downs.

The Preparatory School

By 1944 the school had grown to such an extent that it became necessary for younger children to have a separate school of their own and so with the purchase of 18 The Downs the Preparatory School moved to its present site.

The preparatory school has always been a private school but in response to educational need and reform has, from time to time, altered its age range. From 1944 to 1969 it catered for children between 5 and 11 years of age. Then in 1970, in line with the local authority three-tier system and diocesan policy, it opened its doors to pupils of 12 and 13 years of age.

The school has never been known to stand still and September 1996 saw a further expansion with the opening of the Nursery Class accommodating pupils from three years of age. It was at this time that the 3-tier or middle school system was reformed in Merton and therefore transfer to the High School began at age 11. Educational debate and reform continues to demand new vision and since September 1997 the preparatory school's age range has been from 3 - 11 years, i.e. Nursery to Year 6.

Further Expansion

In September 2010 we opened our new Nursery facility which caters for boys and girls from 3 years of age (Caterpillars) and 3 ½ years of age (Butterflies). This completely refurbished facility boasts an extensive outdoor facility and creative arts room. It was at this time also that the Prep school decided to become a "girls only" offer from Reception to Year 6, boys typically leaving us to join our brother school, Donhead, or another Prep school of parental choice. Other developments opened in September 2010 were an Art Studio, Music Practice Rooms, Performing Arts Room, disabled access with bathrooms and a Medical Room.