The School Badge

The Ursuline badge is a symbol of all Ursuline schools worldwide. The following is an explanation of its meaning.

Pope Pius XI has said that the badge of the Ursuline Schools, with the motto "Serviam" is a true symbol of Christian Education.

  • The Serviam badge bears a cross reminding us of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus was committed to serving the dignity and worth of others, even to death. The child wearing the badge should radiate in their life Christian joy and confidence because Christ is risen - Christ is alive!
  • The group of stars above the cross represents The Little Bear Constellation - a constellation found in the Northern Hemisphere pointing towards the Polar Star. This constellation was chosen because of the play on the Latin word Ursula which means Little Bear. It recalls St Ursula, patroness of Christian Education and special patroness of Ursuline schools.
  • Just as the light from the Little Bear leads up to the brighter light of the Pole Star, so our Ursuline Education helps us on to the knowledge of Truth, here symbolised by the Pole Star, and it is Truth which will guide us on our path through life.
  • The colour green represents the virtue of hope, the colour silver reminds us to be always genuine and sincere in all that we do.
  • Finally, there is the word "Serviam", I WILL SERVE, which expresses our loyalty to Christ, and our desire to serve Him. Every student at an Ursuline school throughout the world has as their motto Serviam - I will Serve - and they wear this motto as their school badge. It is a challenge to their Christian service of God and others.

May all those who wear this badge become convinced Christian women and men, outstanding for courageous leadership, selfless concern for their neighbour and joyous peace springing from a deep faith in the risen Christ!