Alumni Gallery

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1940s & 1950s

The Ursuline Prep won this certificate for its percussion band in 1947. This tradition is alive and well today with the popular school drum club. If you have more photos or stories from this period we would love to hear from you!


With two exceptions, none of these lovely photographs from the school archives have labels or dates on them, but we think they may all date from the 1960s. Can you help identify them? If so, please contact the School Office.


No prizes for guessing which decade the Prep went beige! Yes, this is 1974, and this is Mrs Hope’s Lower Prep class, but do you recognise any of the faces? Is this your class? If so, please contact us.



Take a look at these photos and extracts from 'A Prep Eye View' from the 1980s

1990s & 2000s

Were you a pupil, parent or member of staff at the Ursuline Prep in the 1990s or 2000s? If so we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with the school office. If you have a few minutes to jot down some memories of your time at the Prep, perhaps something about a favourite teacher or event that would be even better! Please do include any photographs you would like to share.