Admissions Policy

Our Admissions Policy (PDF) may be downloaded from the School Policies webpage


The Ursuline Preparatory School, Wimbledon is an independent Catholic school for girls from age 3 to 11 years. Boys aged 3 and 4 are admitted to the Nursery.

Deciding on the right school for your child is very important, and we believe that a personal visit is invaluable. We very much hope that you and your child will visit our school. We hold a number of Open Events throughout the year which provide a general introduction to the school. Details are published on our website, in local press and registered pupils are personally invited to attend. We are also very happy to welcome prospective parents and their children at other times. For personal guided tours with our Headteacher, please contact the Headmaster's Office who will be happy to arrange a visit.

The Entry Procedure

Priority is given to children who are baptised Roman Catholics. Children of other faiths are warmly welcomed if it is evident that they would benefit from a Christian education and contribute positively to the ethos of the school.

Parents are encouraged to visit the school at any time by making an appointment with our Headteacher, who is always willing to meet parents and show them around and discuss any issues.

Pupils' names are placed on the appropriate waiting list on receipt of a completed Registration Form together with a non-refundable registration fee of £75. Once a formal offer of a place has been made, parents are required to confirm acceptance by completing an Acceptance Form and forwarding a non-returnable deposit of £1,000. This deposit will be deducted from the final term's fee.

The Ursuline Preparatory School, Wimbledon is a not an academically selective school. Our selection process is designed to identify pupils who are able to benefit from our balanced and well-rounded education and to make a positive contribution towards the life of the school.

The usual points of entry are into the Nursery from 3 years of age or into our reception Class (4 - 5 years of age). We may also have occasional places in other year groups for older pupils. Please contact the Headmaster's Office for details. Candidates are invited to visit prior to entry and spend a day in class. Nursery School offers many permutations of attendance for parents. The school office will be very happy to discuss different options that are available. Entry into the Nursery is at 3+ and pupils may attend either part-time (morning only session) or full-time (whole day session). Places are offered according to the date on which a completed Registration Form is received, with priority given to Roman Catholic children and siblings. Nursery is considered to be the first class in the school and girls are expected to continue into the Reception Class the following year. Entry to the Reception Class is, therefore, automatic. There are two Nursery classes.

Children are also expected to be dry during the day and use toilet facilities independently. Admission is possible from the third birthday.

We reserve the right to withdraw the offer of a place at our School if information becomes available that contravenes the criteria for admissions. An appeal may be made in writing to the Governors.

The offer of a place at School will be subject to any financial obligations being met by the parents at any other ISC affiliated school. Written confirmation of this may be required from the School before any offer is made.

If, in the opinion of the School, a child is not flourishing in the school environment because of a previously known but not disclosed (by Parents or Guardians) learning or behavioural difficulty, an alternative educational experience may be suggested. If reasonably possible a term's notice will be given by the school.

In the event of over-subscription in the Pre-Prep or Prep year group, preference will be given to a sibling of a child already at the School. A child may be placed on a waiting list if the year group is oversubscribed. Parents will then be informed if a place becomes available.

Joining the School

We aim for a smooth and gentle introduction to school so that all children are happy, secure and ready to learn. Before joining children are invited to visit and take part in classroom activities for at least one session or one day. They meet the teachers, become familiar with the classroom situation and make some friends. A nursery nurse or teaching assistant will support new children. Pupils in Pre-Prep and Prep are assigned a 'Buddy' to facilitate the settling in period; 'taster days' are possible for older children too.

Equal Treatment

We welcome applications from pupils with as diverse a range of backgrounds as possible. This enriches our community and is vital in preparing our pupils for today's world. Generous bursaries are offered in order to make it possible for as many as possible who meet the school's admission criteria to attend the school

The Ursuline Preparatory School, Wimbledon is committed to equal treatment for all, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or social background. Please contact the Bursar or Headmaster's Office for information on bursaries.

Individual Learning Needs

We do not discriminate in any way regarding entry. We welcome pupils with individual learning needs, providing that our Learning Support Department can offer them the support that they require. We welcome pupils with physical disabilities provided that our site is accessible to them. However, we advise parents of children with special educational needs or physical disabilities to discuss their child's requirements with us before or during their tour of the school so that we can discuss adequate provision for him/her. Parents should provide a copy of an Educational Psychologist's report or a medical report to support their request, if available. Any reports from previous schools should be submitted to the School prior to arrival. We will discuss thoroughly with parents and their medical advisers the adjustments that can reasonably be made for the child if he/she becomes a pupil at the school.

Assessment Process

As a non-selective school we are pleased to invite prospective pupils to spend a session or day with us. Following this, the class teacher and SENCO, if applicable, will meet with the Headteacher to discuss the needs of the pupil and our suitability to meet them. The Headteacher will then meet with the parents/guardians.

We are looking for well-rounded pupils with a genuine interest in education in the broadest sense of the word, with interests that stretch beyond the confines of the academic curriculum. The school has strong traditions in music, drama, art, community activities and sport. There are many extra-curricular activities, all of which are important in developing a well-balanced, confident individual.

Sibling Policy

Most siblings join us at the Ursuline Preparatory School, Wimbledon. However, admission is not automatic, and there may be occasions where we judge that a sibling is likely to thrive better in a different academic environment.


Our bursary programme is generous and is designed to make it possible for as many as possible of those who meet the school's entry criteria to take up a place here. Bursaries are means-tested in accordance with the criteria published on the school's website. Both parents are required to provide proof of their income and assets.

Bursaries are always offered for 12 months at a time. The family is required to provide fresh information about its circumstances for every year that their child attends the school. Levels of support may vary with fluctuations in income.

Bursaries are only offered to families who are resident in the UK.

The school's practice is to allocate its entire available bursary funding on entry. The school's expectation is that parents, who do not choose to apply for a bursary at the time that their child is being assessed, will not require financial support throughout the time that their child attends the school, except in wholly unforeseen circumstances.

Our Bursary Policy can be obtained from the School Business Manager.

Religious Beliefs

Although the Ursuline Preparatory School is a Catholic School, we welcome pupils who support our Catholic ethos, from other faiths. Parents must agree to pupils attending Mass, collective worship and participating actively in RE lessons

School's Contractual Terms & Conditions

Copies are made available to parents as part of the admissions process.


We hope that you and your child do not have any complaints about our admissions process; but our school's complaints procedure can be viewed on this website or can be sent to you on request.